The Blacklist No. 3

I recently binge watched the entire 3rd season of The Blacklist in a week. And by week, I mean about 4 days.

I’d heard some mild spoilers, like “death” and “babies” and “blonde hair.” I had been told the writing this season was rough — a shocking turn of events, because typically The Blacklist’s plotting is simply stellar. The season started off with average strength and I thought maybe everyone was overreacting. Alas. They weren’t.

The Blacklist - Season 3

Somehow mid-season, The Blacklist morphed into a soap opera. It became impossible to trust whether any poor soul was actually dead or not. Goodness. There were even moments where questions were raised about whether Reddington himself was an impostor.

Also,  who knew the audience would be treated to an ENTIRE episode that would have no basis in reality and happen only in a single character’s mind? I am convinced that this particular script was actually a rejected Hallmark film. Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was a recycled Lifetime script.



I was very disappointed that Agent Ressler had become a bit boring in this season. He was initially introduced to us as a by-the-book agent, but always seemed to have some darkness and mystery under the surface. The second season had Ressler absolutely shattered — struggling with a narcotics addiction after being shot and losing his fiance. While it’s good to see Ressler back on his feet, the character seems less nuanced and vital to the show…particularly after the season’s midpoint. (When all the writing headed for the south.)

My favorite moment all season was probably when Aram mentioned to Liz that he had Doctor Who uploaded to the FBI mainframe. Bless the token nerdy tech character.

The Blacklist - Season 3

Samar has more emotions than anyone would have expected. We were first introduced to her in the second season as an ex-Mossad agent who occasionally still pulled an assassination on the side. She has developed into a much more honest, human character and I appreciated her more than ever. Aram is still more than a little in love with her, but she ends up getting closer to Ressler and then betrays both men’s trust.

The Blacklist - Season 3

The greatest joy of Season 3 is Tom Keen. He is lovely and wears glasses again. He and Liz have decided they love each other. There is much to forgive (he tried to kill her, she tortured and imprisoned him on a boat) but they get it sorted pretty well. Tom is protective of the ex-wife/current lover/mother of his child and the sacrifices he makes on her behalf are very touching. Also, he discovers a bit of his own shadowy past and simply doesn’t care. Tom may be the only character that is living for the future and not the past.


Megan Boone has brought Liz (the most essential character) so far from her naive beginnings. Liz has changed dramatically as events have unfolded, and since Megan Boone was pregnant during filming, we find Liz also becoming a mother this season. All well and good, except who ever was in charge of her wardrobe needs to be fired. Pregnancy does not mean wearing unflattering clothes constantly, and it is frankly ridiculous how she is dressed for half the season. Additionally, she was given a bad haircut midway as well.

Currently I am watching season 4 as it airs, which is a new and maddening experience, since I just binged saw seasons 1 & 2 this past spring.




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