I was super excited when I saw the promos for NBC’s fall show Timeless. Five episodes in, and so far, it’s been rather promising.


Essentially, this show is doing what it said it would do…have people chasing around trying to preserve history. At some point, someone will probably write this series into an awful corner they can’t write themselves out of, but I am okay with enjoying the ride for a little while because costumes and history.

Timeless - Season 1

So far, the characters have been involved with the Hindenburg crash, witnessed the death of Lincoln, kept the world from discovering JFK and his mistress, met Ian Fleming in Nazi Germany, and wound up at the Alamo.


I adore watching historical situations on film unfold before my eyes, generally knowing the outcome of events, but viewing the characters react without that knowledge. Timeless provides both historical characters AND time travelers who share this unique perspective with the audience.

Timeless - Season 1

The lead characters are the time traveling team: Lucy (historian), Wyatt (soldier), and Rufus (engineer/pilot). Sometimes each of them can be a bit two-dimensional, and I haven’t been able to care much about their individual backstories. There are also background conspiracies with the organization employing them, but this is even less interesting. Still, character development seems to be improving along the way.

Timeless - Season Pilot

All five episodes that already aired are available to stream on NBC.com, and the show is taking a week off due to the upcoming election coverage which interferes with its time slot. Now is the perfect chance to catch up before the next episode (fittingly about Watergate) comes out on November 14.

— Emmeline


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