Guardians of the Galaxy No. 2

Before going to see GOTG I read a review on Buzzfeed written by Alison Willmore.  I was very disheartened by her review.  She inferred that Vol. 2 didn’t feel like a GOTG film because it was slow moving and dealt with characters and their feelings in an almost reverent way. She was not impressed by the use of baby Groot to bring comedy to the film and franchise money to Marvel. I went in to the film with very low expectations, merely hoping for an acceptable sequel not anything to match the first film.


Within the first 30 seconds, I was already laughing at baby Groot grooving to the music while the others are desperately tried to defeat a squid monster.  I know that Marvel is just trying to sell more branded merch and baby Groot is their golden goose, but I am not mad about it.  In fact, I would argue his purpose was more than being cute.  He is a member of the team that must be taken care of by the other characters, which drives home the ultimate purpose of the film; family.  He also provides needed comic relief.


Another character that I was pleasantly surprised by was Drax.  He provided consistent comedy via his one-liners throughout the film and he is the one who asks question that we all wanted to know. For example, if Quill’s dad made his body and managed to get an earth woman pregnant, did he make his own male reproductive organ? These are the types of one liners that keep the movie lighthearted, move the comedic responsibility in the film from Quill and Gamora, and allow other characters to shine.

guardians_galaxy_vol2_SD6_758_426_81_s_c1In addition there are at least 3 different “bad guys” who are chasing the Guardians throughout the film and they are excellent.


Not all of the villains are created equal, some are supposed to be bad yet end up being good, while others appear good but end up being the most dangerous.


This film also sees the return of Nebula. She begins as the same villain she was in the first film.  But she plays a much bigger part in this film and carries her own familial resolution storyline.  Although the resolution of her past is different from her sister Gamora, there is an inferred understanding between the sisters about their relationship.  Basically, by the end of the film Nebula doesn’t want to shiv her sister every time they see each other.


Overall, this movie was way funnier that I thought it was going to be. The fun soundtrack, quirky visuals, and snappy one liners were just as good as the first one but this one also had heart and storyline. Also, it is funny and cool.  Dear Marvel, just take my money!



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