American Ultra | Requiem for a Monday

Last week was kind of the worst for me.  In my rage filled mind, the best movie to watch would be a violent R-rated movie. I was browsing on Amazon Prime for films, this one was free, and I accidentally clicked it.  Side note: the last film I watched containing Kristen Stewart was Twilight(Yes, I do hate myself).  As you can imagine, I was not jazzed about her being in it but ultimately was too lazy to try to change it.


The first 10 minutes were hard to get through, but they ended up being important to the very unrealistic storyline. Spoiler Alert: One is a secret agent, the other is a handler. After a memory wipe, the handler decided to stay because they started engaging in nighttime activities together.  The one who was a secret agent suffers from some mental issues that were a result of the memory wipe.  There is an immediate threat when Topher Grace decides to go on a killing rampage using a team of CIA operatives to try to kill the secret agent without a memory.


The film was not realistic at all, but it never tried to be.  Each bullet piercing human flesh is accompanied by a Jackson Pollack painting’s worth of blood exploding in slow motion.  It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch and was both irreverent and heartwarming.  The comedy was not based upon a slick main character, but on a bumbling hero who is never sure of them self.


I enjoyed this film in spite of the unrealistic storyline and gore.  It was funny and had cool esthetics.  The film was consistent in its visuals although there were some vast differences between shots. It was an enjoyable way to spend an evening of frustration.



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