I was super excited when I saw the promos for NBC’s fall show Timeless. Five episodes in, and so far, it’s been rather promising. Essentially, this show is doing what it said it would do…have people chasing around trying to preserve history. At some point, someone will probably write this series into an awful corner […]

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la légende de tarzan

This may have been 2016’s least important contribution to the history of cinema.  It is not marvelous by any standards, but I somewhat enjoyed it. The cast was not terrible. Samuel L. Jackson: A little out of place here, but made me realize how much I’d like to see him in a western. This is […]

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“New Girl” | Old Story

When New Girl first came out, so many of my friends and relatives were enchanted by the humor.  They could find parallels to their own lives and see themselves as the characters. In the same way that fortune tellers and modern day personality quizzes keep their predictions just generic enough to convince people that they have […]

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The Blacklist Season 3

Season 3 of the Blacklist dropped on Netflix about a month ago.  I watched it very soon after it became available and completed it in one weekend.  I finished this season much quicker than the others.  I think the primary factor in my watching it so quickly was that each episode’s plotting was very weak.  In […]

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The Blacklist No. 3

I recently binge watched the entire 3rd season of The Blacklist in a week. And by week, I mean about 4 days. I’d heard some mild spoilers, like “death” and “babies” and “blonde hair.” I had been told the writing this season was rough — a shocking turn of events, because typically The Blacklist’s plotting is simply […]

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The Man from Older Male Relative

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was a new experience for me.  I was a complete newb to the whole series.  My desire to watch the film was born only from my love for vintage remakes and Guy Richie.  I had stumbled upon the trailer by accident and became obsessed with seeing the film. In the trailer, Jared […]

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