Peter Gunn versus Johnny Staccato

I’ve adored Peter Gunn (and its score by Henry Mancini) for years. At some point I also ran across Staccato, but didn’t get very far into the series until I recently found the show’s soundtrack which was composed by the legendary Elmer Bernstein. Staccato premiered a year later than Peter Gunn, but both shows were […]

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Mad (wo)Men

Just between us (here on the internet), I love watching TV that I hate. True confessions: I have binge watched seasons 1 – 18 of America’s Next Top Model.  It gives me something to rant about and a reason to binge/hate watch something.  I recently “hate watched” a little series called Mad Men with the […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy No. 2

Before going to see GOTG I read a review on Buzzfeed written by Alison Willmore.  I was very disheartened by her review.  She inferred that Vol. 2 didn’t feel like a GOTG film because it was slow moving and dealt with characters and their feelings in an almost reverent way. She was not impressed by […]

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