Peter Gunn versus Johnny Staccato

I’ve adored Peter Gunn (and its score by Henry Mancini) for years. At some point I also ran across Staccato, but didn’t get very far into the series until I recently found the show’s soundtrack which was composed by the legendary Elmer Bernstein. Staccato premiered a year later than Peter Gunn, but both shows were […]

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Mad (wo)Men

Just between us (here on the internet), I love watching TV that I hate. True confessions: I have binge watched seasons 1 – 18 of America’s Next Top Model.  It gives me something to rant about and a reason to binge/hate watch something.  I recently “hate watched” a little series called Mad Men with the […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy No. 2

Before going to see GOTG I read a review on Buzzfeed written by Alison Willmore.  I was very disheartened by her review.  She inferred that Vol. 2 didn’t feel like a GOTG film because it was slow moving and dealt with characters and their feelings in an almost reverent way. She was not impressed by […]

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I was super excited when I saw the promos for NBC’s fall show Timeless. Five episodes in, and so far, it’s been rather promising. Essentially, this show is doing what it said it would do…have people chasing around trying to preserve history. At some point, someone will probably write this series into an awful corner […]

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