Cat Ballou (1965)

I liked this film immensely as a teenager and impulsively bought it when I was 17. At the time, I thought it was a better film than it actually is, but rewatching it today was still kinda fun. Nat King Cole (in his last film appearance) and Stubby Kaye serve as musical narrators. They pop […]

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Superman (1978)

I watched Richard Donner’s Superman when I was a teenager, but Marlon Brando and his inexplicable fake British accent were so boring that I skipped through the Krypton scenes. And maybe I fast forwarded the Glenn Ford/Kansas part too. (I’d already watched the Max Fleischer cartoons, the George Reeves series, Lois and Clark, and Superman: […]

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Emmeline’s Film Collection

Inspired by my cohort’s scheme of watching through her respective film collection, I have decided to follow suit and do the same, but with a slight caveat: I am only watching my movies that I have not seen since beginning to log all my film viewing on Letterboxd approximately three years ago. Over at Letterboxd […]

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Walk The Line | Film No. 59

Disclaimer: Because this film has music in it, I classed it as a musical. However, I am aware that it is merely a film with music in it, because the characters are aware that they are singing. This is contrasted with a true musical where the characters are not aware that they are singing and […]

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The Producers | Film No. 58

Me to comedy films right now: A Mel Brooks musical spectacular about two producers trying to scam their way to riches. How you ask? Some clever accounting and the worst play in history; Springtime for Hitler. This movie is exactly what one would expect from Mel Brooks. Its irreverent, funny, and hates nazis. WHAT. MORE. […]

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